Saturday, 6 October 2012

Childhood Dreams

When Do We Grow Up?

Beautiful things I remember seeing as a girl, why can't I see them anymore? - Natalie Oliveri

That quote is the first line of lyrics in Natalie Oliveri's song, Childhood Dreams. The song's title pretty much speaks for itself, but the song is about the childlike innocence and playful personalities we used to have as a kid. When we grow up we lose that amazing innocence, and life becomes difficult and fragile. We used to have arguments and then sweetly forgive each other the next day; now, we call each other a slut and/or have a fist fight. The lyrics I chose to put above are the ones that spoke out the most to me in the song. When we were young it was like we wore protective goggles - everything we saw was beautiful and content, and then suddenly some asshole ripped those goggles off our face and spat at us. With... life.

So, when do those goggles come off? When do we grow up? Under America's and the UK's law, we legally become an adult at 18. We can vote, we can drink alcohol (UK only), we can get a tattoo, and we can even adopt a child. A lot of people may feel like an adult at 18, a lot of people may not. Half of 18 year olds will spend all their time drinking and splashing away their money, so I don't think they are an adult. I think you're an adult when you take responsibility for yourself. This will probably be when you realise you've had that innocence taken away from you. So, when we grow up, what do we do? How should we behave?

Just because you're an adult with responsibilities, it doesn't mean you have to be an insipid douchebag. So many of us still have that childlike energy. It's the thing that keeps us happy and interesting. Don't ever ask yourself, 'am I too weird?' Or, 'am I too hyper for an adult?' (Well, don't be an obnoxious hyper adult)! Being weird is better than being normal and boring - don't grow up completely; the world is already filled with too many boring people. 

Kimbra recently made a song with Mark Foster (from Foster The People, LOVE them), called Warrior. The song is similar to Childhood Dreams. Kimbra herself said: 'It's funny as you grow up, you start to lose your childlike sense of aura on the world - and the song is about fighting for that sense of wonder and maintaining that childlike perspective on the world. And not letting everyone explain everything away from you, so that it takes away the magic.'

I couldn't have said it better myself. Acknowledge your beautiful and vivacious personality, and embrace it. Be a warrior and don't forget your childhood dreams.

Thank you to Natalie Oliveri for inspiring this blog post. Be sure to check out her song Childhood Dreams here (it's REALLY good) She's an amazing lyricist and has a beautiful voice.


  1. Beautiful. This post brought me so many memories from my childhood, like when you do stupid things as a child and you don't seem stupid at all, but then when you grow up everyone starts to judging everything we are.
    Nice post Liam!

    1. Thanks, I'm glad you related to it :)

  2. I'd just like to say: I love your posts :D How you talk to your readers is incredible.
    And I too agree that there is no actual age inwhich you become an adult, but when you think you're ready to look after yourself in the big bad world! And I like the idea of goggles that hide away most of the negetivities of the world that you start to see when you get older, and then as you grow up...*YANK!* They're gone! And you see the world as the shithole it really is.
    Great Job! :)

    1. Thank you so much! And exactly - that's why it's so important that we don't let it get to us. :)

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